Time to Implement Strategy


The Easter road death figures have been released, and they don’t make for good reading.

This editorial in today’s The Star newspaper summarises the position :

“Emboldened by a 10% drop in road fatality rates during the 2017/18 festive season, traffic authorities looked forward with confidence at the 2018 Easter weekend. Instead, this Easter period proved to be a disappointment and disaster – it saw a 14% increase, with 510 deaths recorded from March 29 to April 9. During last year’s Easter holidays, a death toll of 449 was recorded. A total of 333 people died on the roads over the 2016 Easter, while 229 people lost their lives on our roads in Easter 2015.”

The newspaper offers what seems to be the obvious solution :

“Many motorists are not obeying the rules of the road, so road safety experts agree that instead of making new, arduous, unenforceable laws, the answer lies in stringently, consistently and visibly enforcing all existing road traffic laws all year round.”


This, however, is perhaps simplistic.  A year ago, on 29 March 2017, Cabinet approved a comprehensive National Road Safety Strategy which made proposals for dealing with what are called the ‘five pillars’ of road safety.

It is time for the Strategy to be implemented.