Slow Pace of Implementation

My Opinion Piece in today’s Business Day:

comments on the slow pace of implementation of the 2007 Public Transport Strategy and suggests that more attention should be given to the reality that the taxi currently carries more than 65 per cent of all public transport users

There was no space in the article to mention the comment in the Draft Revised White Paper on National Transport Policy approved by Cabinet in February this year.  In its list of Public Transport Planning and Regulation Issues, the Revised White Paper comments that :

“Transport plans are often idealistic and impracticable. Transport plans should rather focus on solving immediate transport problems.”

Those “immediate transport problems” must surely include the way in which the taxi operates.  It is here, it is the major mode of public transport, and it is not going to go away.  Yet it appears to be able to flout traffic laws with impunity.

This will be the big challenge to city transport planners in the immediate future.