Paul Browning

Paul is one of the most experienced public transport analysts in South Africa with considerable knowledge and experience of the industry. For the last 30 years, he has been actively involved with the South African minibus-taxi.  This includes the factors driving it and the relevant legislation. He regularly consults and advises, writes and talks about the minibus taxi industry and is a firm advocate of the formalization of the business side of the industry. Paul’s aim is to encourage and assist the taxi industry to become more formal in its approach whilst retaining the dynamism that enables it to meet commuter needs.

He began his management career in operations at British Rail, moving to bus operations in the United Kingdom. In 1989, this experience brought him to South Africa to set up the first local inter-city bus service. 

In 1987, the SA Black Taxi Association (SABTA) appointed Paul as a transport policy advisor.  He took up a similar position with the establishment of the National Taxi Council (SANTACO).  He continues to maintain close relationships with SANTACO, the National Taxi Alliance, and many individual taxi associations.

His 1990 book “Black Economic Empowerment : Shaping South African Business for the 21st Century used the taxi industry as an example of what might be achieved.

Following the 2007 publication of the national Public Transport Strategy, Paul writes widely on the question of how the informal sector taxi can and should be encouraged and assisted to become part of the formal sector, including participating in initiatives such as Integrated Public Transport Networks and public transport subsidy.