TransForum cares about people and the transformation of the world of work.   We do not believe South Africa, or the world, is as good as it realistically can be, and we are concerned that positive change is rarely embraced but rather fought by those scared of change, and what it may bring.

We believe that in order to make appropriate and significant changes at work, and in the lives of working people and those who want to work, we need to challenge our strongly held beliefs, reassess their validity and embrace new ideas when appropriate.  We do not advocate change for the sake of change, nor do we have a ‘boy at the dike’ approach to change.

At TransForum we believe yesterday’s answers will not resolve tomorrow’s problems.  We understand the need to explore new thinking driven not by governments who are caught up in a cycle of maintaining their own short-term power and influence, but by companies and individuals who recognize that change is inevitable  see a need for change to improve the lives of the masses rather than to only further enrich the few.   This requires a change in governance, policy, strategy,  and culture in order to influence the world of work through growing the ability to think, improving productivity levels and actively cultivating personal and corporate resilience.