Words and more words

ROI – Return on Investment

A financial measure used to determine the gain or profitability from an investment. One can invest in many different goods and services such as: people, the stock market, more manufacturing capacity, a consultant, etc.
Examples: In the short and medium term would the return be better if I employed someone to write the app or would it be better to hire a new staff member to do it. OR would it be better to buy unit trusts or put money into a tax free interest bearing account.

Weasel words and Fuzzies

Weasel words and fuzzies are meaningless words, imprecise, not measurable and not verifiable. They are one word or phrase equivalents of cliches – usually ambiguous and misleading (and particularly popular with politicians). We all use them at various times when we are unsure of things and/or are hedging our bets. Popular weasel words include ‘most people think’OR ‘it is believed’.

Fuzzies are similar to weasel words but usually relate to measurement such asachieve considerable success’. Fuzzies make one feel good.